University of Gondar – Improving the Livelihoods of Farm Households Through Scale-upping Research Verified Production Technologies and Multi-Stakeholder Innovation Platforms

About University of Gondar

The University of Gondar is one of the oldest universities in Ethiopia. Established in 1954 as a Public Health College and Training campus Center, the University has steadily grown and evolved into one of the top education institutions in the country today.

How the RISA Fund grant will be used

This project aims to enhance the capacity of female researchers with different backgrounds in research, innovation and scaling-up of innovative agricultural technologies through training and mentorship programs to improve the livelihoods of female-headed and rural poor households that are underrepresented. It also aims to create an enabling environment for the proper scaling up of agricultural technologies using a multi-stakeholder innovation platform and developing gender-inclusive innovation and dissemination guidelines.

It hopes to develop an enabling environment to capacitate female researchers and agriculture experts to scale up innovative agricultural technologies through a multi-stakeholder innovation platform to improve the livelihood of female-headed and rural poor households.