The Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS) – Development and implementation of an innovation ecosystem roadmap for the Rwandan space innovation ecosystem

About RIIS

RIIS is a specialist Open Innovation firm, focused on facilitating and leading Open Innovation activity in Africa. They have delivered local, regional and international successes for both private and public sector organisations.

How the RISA Fund grant will be used

The project intends to inform policy making and drive progress towards SDGs using satellite data and technology  to foster a vibrant innovation ecosystem. This will be achieved by mapping the local innovation ecosystem around use of space-related technology and data to inform policies and specific interventions. The intention is to initiate catalysts for sustainable ecosystem growth.

There are expected coordinated efforts by ecosystem actors across sectors from health to agriculture to climate adaptation among others.  This initial project will map ecosystem actors who can then be supported for acceleration and sustainable growth under future initiatives.

This is a unique project that supports a multisectoral research and innovation ecosystem. The project may have synergies with USAID’s SERVIR project.

The project is borne out of discussions with the Rwanda Space Agency (RSA) and will involve other stakeholders in the various sectors related to space.