‘Pre-acceleration’ in Africa: What Works

About the report

There are more than 900 entrepreneurial support organisations (ESOs) in Africa. These ESOs run programmes across the entrepreneur’s journey from early to late stages. Of those focusing on early stages, one type of programming is ‘pre-acceleration’.

However, there is little structured data on how these pre-acceleration programmes are designed, and most importantly, how they perform and how effective they are.

The purpose of this research piece is to contribute to a more informed, inclusive, and efficient pre-acceleration strategy for Katapult and our partners, and to share our findings on best practices within the ecosystem. This piece attempts to shed more light on pre-acceleration programming in Africa within the context and challenges of a lack of common definitions, outdated nationalised analyses, and lack of an Africa-wide data set on early-stage support.

You can read the blog based upon the research findings here.

About Katapult

Katapult is an investment company focused on highly scalable climate impact tech startups. Their world-class accelerator programmes strengthen investment in startups. Their investments and accelerators are currently organised around three key verticals: Ocean, Climate (land), and Africa.