Jimma University – Establishing an Innovation Incubation Centre

About Jimma University

Jimma University is a public research intensive university established in the 1980’s. Jimma University is committed to Engaging in Core Functions of Innovative Teaching, Research and community services through its cherished and innovative Community Based Education (CBE).

How the RISA Fund grant will be used

The project aims to establish an incubation center at Jimma University to enable startups and innovators to have access to good working environments. The innovation incubation center aims to accelerate the development of innovations in Ethiopia by supporting different innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs through giving attention to students from socially discriminated and underserved parts of Ethiopia.

This project entitled “Establishing Innovation Incubation Centre at Jimma University JU-IIC” awarded by RISA with reference number 2022-013 will have three outputs:

  1. An Incubation Centre is established to support start-ups and innovators in agricultural, technology, and engineering by creating an enabling environment
  2. Increased capacities of researchers and innovators to close the research-commercialization gap through training, mentorship, and guidance with a particular focus on female innovators.
  3. Facilitating networking, engagement and collaboration between R&I stakeholders

The target for the innovation incubation center is the transformation of agricultural, health, technology, and engineering innovations into successful start-ups by giving inventors access to labs, office space, seed money, technical, entrepreneurship, and soft-skill training. In addition, to provide other resources like guidance by professionals on ethical clearances, patent rights and networking and collaboration with possible stakeholders.