ViKtoria Ventures – Utafiti Kwa Biashara R2C

About ViKtoria Ventures

ViKtoria Ventures is a consulting and fund management firm, with a focus on entrepreneurial finance. The firm also manages the Viktoria Business Angels Network (VBAN).

How the RISA Fund grant will be used

ViKtoria Ventures’ project aims to provide training in identifying commercialisable research products, and how to move research products from lab to market through commercialization of viable research products while addressing issues of intellectual property rights.

This research to commercialisation (R2C0 project is creating awareness among researches on the need to protect intellectual property and the possibility to commercialize research products especially those that provide solutions to development related issues. 

The project is implemented in collaboration with Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) and Viktoria ventures. Other demand driven collaborations have been formed with TUK, Mawazo institute, and there are more requests to extend the curriculum to Jimma University and University of Rwanda.