University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies – Championing Academia-Industry Alliances through an Innovative Digital Platform

About the University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies

The University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies is a private High Learning Institution based in Rwanda, aimed at providing quality teaching, learning, research, consultancy and service in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism, Business Studies, Information Technology, Arts and Social Sciences.

How the RISA Fund grant will be used

The project will begin with scoping studies  to determine the level of academia-industry collaboration in Rwanda and identify possible inhibiting challenges, with the end goal being the development of a digital platform (Innovative Digital Platform INNODIP) to aid and strengthen current efforts towards a more effective academia-industry collaboration. The platform is supposed to ensure an increased performance of experimental research and development through collaborative academia-industry projects leading to innovative products and services that are relevant to community needs.

The project will build a digital platform that connects academia, industry and policy makers in Rwanda. The platform will enable knowledge sharing and will provide a feedback mechanism between the different stakeholders.