Institute of Applied Sciences – Farm 2 Fork Project

About the Institute of Applied Sciences

The Institute of Applied Sciences Ruhengeri, or simply INES – Ruhengeri, is a private research university located in Rwanda and it was established on November 17, 2003.

How the RISA Fund grant will be used

This is an action research project to  address a range of socio-economic, environmental, sustainability and commercial factors to support an integrated agri food production-system (Farm to fork). The crust of the project is to assess how the agricultural supply chain processes can be improved through science and innovations e.g. farmer advisory decision support systems, supply chain e-mobility, use of renewable energy sources.

This project is being delivered in partnership with several stakeholders to promote technology aided agricultural production and agribusiness transportation in Rwanda. The idea is to increase agricultural productivity while protecting the environment through adoption of clean means of agri-produce transportation and through organic farming.